We manufacture products from our own materials or those designated by our clients. The entire production process of the order is open for customer inspection.

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We are experienced in cutting a variety of fabrics, knitted materials, natural and artificial leathers, foam, stiffeners etc. We use an automated cutting system during the cutting process which utilizes hydraulic cutters. If necessary we can cut by hand.

At K2 KRYSZEWSKI we work on heavy machinery, single and multi-needles with bottom, needle, puller and top feeds. Our machinery consists of specialized machines such as edge-trimmers, single-needle lockstitch machines, cylinder arm machines, high speed bar tacker, lock stitch button sewers, and sewing automats.

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Many sewn products at K2 KRYSZEWSKI require additional assembly, affixing naps, eyelets, or mounting wheels, racks and frames. Due to technological possibilities we complete these assignments within our own timeframes.


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